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Eric Kramer M.Ed.Eric Kramer– Founder Innovative Career Services and Author Active Interviewing™

Eric started his professional career working as a clinical psychologist, and has experience as an employee in both large and small companies, as an entrepreneur in software development, and as an independent consultant. Eric also has experience working as a Career Consultant and Career Center Manager with two of the country’s largest career transition firm.

As a Senior Consultant, Eric worked with hundreds of job searchers individually and in groups teaching them job search skills and coaching them through their interviews. Based on his background in psychology and through his work with transitioning executives, Eric has become a career expert. Eric shares his career expertise in presentations, workshops, and online communication with diverse groups including recruiters, career professionals, career transition companies, and job seekers.

Eric has authored three books, published by Cengage Publishing, 1001 Successful Interview Strategies,1001 Successful Networking Strategies and Active Interviewing- Branding, Selling, and Presenting Yourself to Win Your Next Job. Eric also publishes a blog Interview Your Best, Twitters as @interviewbest, and is the developer of an internet site providing comprehensive interview information and tools for job seekers. In addition, Eric is co-founder of the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group (PAGCG). PAGCG, with 900 members, provides a wide range of job transition services including monthly and weekly meetings as well as an online job transition portal.

Eric earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Hartford and a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from American University. He is trained in Positive Psychology Coaching and is licensed as a psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania.

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Our Other Site

InterviewBest is an affiliate site of Active Interviewing, also owned by Innovative Career Services. At InterviewBest, job candidates can access the iBest interview presentation development program. Due to the separation of the sites, users will have to register on InterviewBest to access the iBest Presentation development program.

Beat Your Interview Competition

Interviewing is Competitive; Need Some Help?

Eric provides expert interview coaching and interview presentation development/review. Contact Eric if you need to win you next interview.

Active Interviewing™ blows away the interviewers:

“The interviews went fantastic. The interview presentation blew them all away! The last one with Juan, he stopped me half way through it and said. “ok, you’ve got the job, now tell me who ‘you’ are”. I start next week but spent all of last week at their sales conference in Annapolis. I can’t thank you enough for your assistance on this. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone looking for a job.”
Sales Representative
Technology Company

Active Interviewing™ results in the most professional interview ever experienced at the company:

“This is an unsolicited letter of appreciation for the career guidance and professional presentation services provided by you and Innovative Career Services. The pre-interview planning and the timeliness in which you produced the presentation were outstanding. Your ability to speak with me and determine all of the key points that needed to be included in the presentation were precise and extremely helpful during the actual interview.

As the interview concluded the members of the three panel committee that I interviewed with, all agreed on one point.  The presentation they had just seen and heard was the most professional they had experienced during an interview. The final question of the interview by the panel was “How much is it going to cost us to get you?” I accepted the position with this company as a mid-level manager with a generous six figure salary and all the perks.

Eric, I have already recommended your services to other professionals that may need your services while preparing to interview for an executive position. The confidence that I developed while practicing the presentation was unflappable. The information the presentation provided to the prospective employer spelled out in simple terms that I was the ideal candidate for the position. I am willing to recommend you and your services to anyone. Thank you again, and as I said after our first phone conversation. “I am extremely happy that we had an opportunity to speak”.

Business Development Manager
Container Manufacturer

Active Interviewing™makes candidate far superior and more professional than any other candidate:

"I received positive and quick feedback from an interviewer that my materials—the interview presentation--was far superior and more professional than anything the other candidates were using during their interviews. I believe using the presentation as a discussion tool and leave-behind was instrumental in securing my current position."

Senior Business Development Manager
Interactive Marketing

About Innovative Career Services

Innovative Career Services provides career management and job transition services. We differentiate ourselves by taking innovation seriously-innovation is not just an over-used trite buzzword for us. Our dedication to innovation is demonstrated by:
  • The iBest interview presentation- The iBest presentation is an innovation in job interviewing. Candidates use an online interactive program to develop a presentation they print, bind and take with them to interviews. The presentation clearly communicates their match with the job requirements and why they are a good candidate for the position. Using a presentation in an interview is one of the primary strategies in Active Interviewing™
  • Active Interviewing- Active Interviewing is a new approach to job interviews which advocates candidates becoming more active and assertive in their interviews.
  • www.myinnovativecareer - A full service job search portal with free job search support including free resume reviews.

Our Vision:
All individuals fully engaged in meaningful work earning the money they deserve.

Our Mission:
To provide products and services that help job seekers and hiring companies make accurate hiring decisions. Our products and services improve the hiring process by helping candidates clearly communicate their "fit" with critical job requirements and by helping hiring managers to clearly determine a candidate's "fit" with the job requirements and the company culture.

Contact Information

Please contact us with any questions, suggestions, thoughts/feelings, or to get help winning your next interview. We are always interested to hear how Active Interviewing™ is changing the way you interview and helping you get your next job.

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